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Our mission, in partnership with every store owner and

employee is to be the industry leader through a commitment

to excellence in people, product, quality, value, cleanliness,

customer service and community leadership.


Text Box: You are employed by Miranda Holdings, Inc., (hereafter referred to as the “company”) which independently owns and operates Tim Hortons franchised restaurants. You are an employee of the company and not Tim Hortons. This employee handbook will replace all previous versions.







We are glad you have joined our team!  We hope you will find your employment to be a time of personal and professional growth.  This handbook is intended to be your guide to company rules and policies and help to create an environment of respect and development for all our employees.  It will also be your guide to becoming a part of the success of our mission as we strive to be the industry leader through commitment to excellence in people, product, quality, value, cleanliness, customer service and community leadership.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The company provides equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, sex, age, disability, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, ancestry, gender (including transgender status), political belief or activity, status as a veteran or any other protected class under state or federal law.  We do not discriminate against any qualified employee or job applicant with respect to any terms, privileges, or conditions of employment because of a person’s physical or mental disability.  We will also make reasonable accommodations wherever necessary to all employees or applicants with disabilities, provided that the individual is otherwise qualified to safely perform the essential functions of their job and provided that accommodations made would not require undue hardship or expense.

What You Can Expect


The company will provide uniform shirts, pants and visor for you.  Because your uniform is the first impression you will make on a customer, please make every effort to keep it in good condition and return it when you leave employment with the company.  While it is important that you care for your uniforms, we are aware that uniforms do wear out after a period of time.  If you feel that your uniform needs to be replaced, speak with your Manager.  We also have a drop off cleaning service for your shirt and pants which we provide.  Please see your Manager for details on pick-up and delivery schedules.  For more on uniform standards, review the Store Policies portion of this handbook.

Shoes For Crews

Slip resistant shoes are required as part of your uniform.  You may purchase these shoes on your own or participate in our Shoes For Crews program.  If you participate in the program, we will purchase shoes for you and pay 50% of the cost up to $17.00.  A more detailed description of this program will be provided separately.

Advancement Opportunities

There are many positions that contribute to the success of our company.  If you are interested in advancement opportunities or would like to know how to become qualified for advancement, talk with your Manager.

Scholarship Program

Your employment may qualify you, your children or grandchildren to apply for a Tim Horton’s scholarship.  Please contact your Manager or the Human Resource department for details and eligibility requirements.

Staff Discount

As an employee you may receive a benefit of up to 50% discount for one meal which takes effect 15 minutes before your shift, during your break and expires 15 minutes after your shift.  During your shift, you may also have regular coffee and fountain drinks at no charge, using plastic cups that are provided.  For complete rules on the staff discount, please review the Store Policies portion of this handbook

Health Benefits

A health plan is available for all eligible employees. In order to qualify, you must work on average 30 hours per week. After six (6) consecutive months of employment, the company covers a portion of the cost of the health care plan. If you are interested in enrolling in the health plan, please speak to your Manager as soon as possible.  You are eligible for coverage on the first of the month after the first 30 days of employment.  You can enroll only when you are hired (before coverage eligibility) or during our annual open enrollment period in November.

Dental Benefits

Dental benefits are also available to eligible employees.  To qualify you must work an average of at least 30 hours per week. You can enroll only when you are hired (until coverage eligibility) or during our annual open enrollment period in January.

Paid Vacation

After one (1) consecutive year of employment, you may become eligible for a paid vacation. You must have worked an average 30 hours a week during the previous year.

You will be paid your weekly average hours for your vacation up to a maximum of 40 regular hours. Overtime hours do not effect the calculation of your vacation time. The use of vacation time is granted only with Manager approval and should be requested 2 weeks in advance.  If you submit your resignation to the company, you forfeit any unused vacation time.  Paid time off is based on your tenure and position with the company and follows the chart below:






Asst. mgr





 Vac. days













avg hrs prior year








avg hrs prior year








avg hrs prior year + 3 days








avg hrs prior year + 4 days








avg hrs prior year + 6 days


Store Policies

Start of Shift

Please be in your uniform ready to work at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled shift. Using the cash register system, at the beginning of your shift, please clock in as you are entering the floor. Only clock in when you are immediately ready to work. Do not clock in and then get ready to work.  Clock out after finishing your shift and leave the back area immediately. There is no loitering permitted in the store including off-duty employees.

Please note that no one else can clock in or out for you, nor are you permitted to clock in or out for anyone else.  This is considered gross misconduct for falsifying company records. 

If you fail to clock in or out for any part of your shift, you must complete and sign a Time Card Authorization form and notify your Manager immediately.

Entering and Leaving the Store

Please use the customer service doors to enter and leave the store. You should never exit or enter through the back doors.


Most restaurants have limited customer parking.  For this reason, you should park in areas designated by your manager. If you are scheduled to work in the evenings or late at night, your manager may tell you to move your car to a parking spot closer to the exit you will use later that evening.

Store Bulletin Board

All stores have a bulletin board containing important information for employees.  With employees working many different shifts, it's one of our best ways to communicate with each other. Please do not post or alter any of the notices posted on the bulletin board.



Shift schedules will be posted by Friday for the upcoming week. Once posted the schedule is final. If you did not give notice for days off or a change in your availability, then we assume that you are available to work. It is your responsibility as an employee to know what your shift duties are, and to check the schedule to know the hours you are expected to work. If you do not show up for a scheduled shift and do not make contact with your Manager or District Supervisor, it will be considered a No Call, No Show and termination may result.  It is strongly recommended that you check the schedule in person or online.  If you are given the wrong schedule over the phone, you are responsible. Your Manager will make every effort to accommodate the days off that you need; however, a request off is not a guarantee.  Attendance is mandatory for scheduled shifts:  If you are scheduled, it is your responsibility to come to work.

Late & Absenteeism Policy

Regular and predictable attendance is an essential function of your job.  If you are going to be late you must contact the store and let a Management team member know when you will be arriving to work.  If you cannot work your shift for any reason other than a personal illness, you must notify your Manager at least 4 hours prior to the start of your shift.  If you are sick or have a medical condition that prevents you from working your shift, you must notify your Manager as soon as possible prior to the start of your shift.  Attendance and tardiness are tracked according to the following policy guidelines:

     Calling In Sick

  • More than one (1) day missed due to personal illness within one month, a doctors note will be required or a verbal warning may be issued
  • More than two (2) days missed due to personal illness within one month, a doctors note will be required or a written warning may be issued
  • More than three (3) days missed due to a personal illness within one month, doctors note will be required or immediate termination may result
  • Anyone missing more than three (3) consecutive days for a personal illness must provide medical clearance before returning to work.
  • Holiday exception:  Any shifts that are missed on holidays or holiday weekends require medical documentation before returning for your next shift.  If you are unable to provide medical documentation, immediate termination may result.

Unplanned Absences or Tardiness for Reasons other than Personal Illness

  • Four (4) hours notice is required
  • You are expected to find someone to cover your shift and obtain manager approval
  • More than one (1) day missed or late within one month, a verbal warning will be issued
  • More than two (2) days missed or late within one month, a written warning will be issued with a possible suspension
  • More than three (3) days missed or late within one month, immediate termination may result

General Rules on Attendance

  • You are responsible for obtaining your correct schedule
  • Switching shifts will only be permitted for urgent situations and must always be approved by the Manager
  • We can only accept calls from you regarding your attendance.  No one else may call in on your behalf
  • Failure to report for a scheduled shift without making contact with a Management team member will be considered a No Call, No Show and may result in immediate termination

Request Off Policy

If you need to be absent from work for a pre-planned reason, you must submit a request in writing to your Manager.  Please be sure to date the request and provide the day and date that you need off.  These requests should be submitted not later than 3pm on the Monday two weeks prior to when you need off.  For example, if today is Monday, November 10th and you need off on Tuesday, November 25th, you need to make your request by 3pm today.

Pay System

The company’s goal is to pay each employee fairly, accurately and on a timely basis.  Paychecks are distributed on Friday’s after 3pm.  If your paycheck needs to be reissued for any reason, a bank fee of $30 will be charged.  Please note that we do offer a Direct Deposit program which will prevent the need for any reissued checks.  

Discussing your rate of pay is discouraged.  There are many factors involved in determining pay rates including experience and shift availability.  If you have concerns about your pay, please speak only with your Manager about it.  When you receive a raise, it is assumed you will not discuss it with other employees.  Please also take care of your paycheck or pay stub and do not leave it unattended at the store.

Minor Employees (Age 17 and under)

The company requires strict adherence to all Federal and State laws regarding the employment of minors.  Because of this there are special regulations that must be followed for all minor employees.

  • All minors must have appropriate working papers
  • Minors will not be scheduled to work more than 28 hours per week during the school calendar year and no more than 40 hours per week during scheduled school breaks
  • Minors need to clock in and out precisely on time, including break times
  • Minors will not be scheduled to work more than 4.00 hours on school nights and no more than 8 hours on weekends
  • Minors are not permitted to work before 6am or later than 10 pm.

Cash Control

Register operators must:

1. Attempt to place all currency face down and in the same direction but do not rearrange currency after handling for a transaction. There should be no additional handling of any money once each transaction is complete.

2. Alert management team member of excess $1's, $5's, $10's, and $20's in the cash


3. Keep a small red envelope near the cash drawer for meal receipts, coupons, voids and discounted transactions.

4. Keep all receipts that are generated for required transactions.  Discarding receipts is considered falsifying company records and may lead to disciplinary action.

5. Not use manager's register code unless you are specifically authorized to do so 

6. Only a management team member can issue a refund.  All refunds of cash, Tim Card or credit, must have management approval.  Initial all manager over ring receipts.

7. Close cash drawer after each transaction.

8. Before accepting any bill larger than $20, use a counterfeit pen on both sides of the bill, check for the watermark or strip; and check the shirt for ridges. 

9. Have a management team member handle any monetary discrepancies with a customer.

10. Assure the printer has adequate tape.

11. Ring in all sales and take proper payment when the transaction takes place

12. Not give unauthorized discounts.  Always follow the discount policy explained in your Employee Handbook

13. Not give any free food or product unless you are expressly authorized to do so by a management team member

*Any variances to cash (AI- $2.00), or excessive over rings (over 2.5%) will be investigated and may be documented and placed your employee file.

Cash Pulls

Only Cash Managers (i.e. Supervisors, Managers) count the cash pulls or drawers.  The amounts pulled/counted must be recorded appropriately. 

Register Operator Envelopes

1. Plain white envelopes must be used for each register operator.

2. Envelopes should be marked with the register number, signed by anyone that uses the cash register and by any management team member that counts the drawer.

3. The register operator envelope must contain the following:

                *Initialed over-ring or refund receipts with 2 signatures and attached                                                                    corresponding sales receipt.

                *Redeemed coupons.

                *Meal receipts-initialed by employee and manager.

                *Make it right receipts, police discount receipts, donation receipts

                *Canadian money with record of date and amount

                *Money left behind by customers

Cash Security

1. Cash must never be left unattended and should be kept in a secured/locked location until deposited 

2. Employees should never at any time place company funds in his/her pocket.

Canadian Cash

Canadian cash is accepted at an exchange rate at all of our locations.  This cash must be kept separate from American funds.  It must be rung into the register using the proper procedures for Canadian Cash.  All Canadian funds must be documented noting the exact amount received (on hand) and the date it was received.

Drive Off Money / Credit Cards

1. Money left behind by customers (on purpose or not) should be kept separately in the register envelope along with a copy of the receipt for the transaction

2. In the event that a customer leaves a credit card behind, the card must be given to a management team member immediately.  The card issuer will be contacted and the card must be stored in the safe until instructions are received from the card issuer.  A customer MUST show matching photo ID to retrieve a credit card that has been left behind.

Monetary Disputes

Any monetary dispute involving a customer transaction must be handled by a Manager.  Staff employees are not permitted to refund cash; these must be handled through consultation with a manager.  Unauthorized or mishandled refunds are considered gross misconduct and may lead to immediate termination.

Personal Checks

Personal checks may only be accepted if prior arrangements have been made between the customer and the store manager AND the order is over $20.


In some circumstances discounting may apply to some purchases.  The following is information on discounts you may commonly encounter as part of your job.  Please note that these discounts are not a right but a privilege and they can be revoked by Management at any time.  If you have any questions or doubts about applying a discount, please contact your Manager.  Improperly discounting a purchase or unauthorized use of  Manager code may lead to termination for theft.

     Staff Discount

Employees may be eligible to a 50% meal discount on one meal beginning 15 minutes before their shift and ending 15 minutes after their shift.  Below are some other regulations on the staff discount:

  • You must stand in line to order your food and are not allowed to prepare your own purchase
  • All employee food must be consumed inside the store
  • The employee discount is for employees to buy food at work for themselves.  It is not intended for you to buy food for others
  • Mistake orders are not available for employee consumption.  Mistake food will be disposed of properly by store management.
  • Discount does not apply to merchandise
  • Only Managers can apply the staff discount; these require a manager code.

     Police Discounts

Police officers that are on duty and in uniform receive one coffee, fountain drink or steeped tea at a 100% discount.  These discounts must be applied by a Manager.  Police officers also receive a 10% discount on baked goods, soup or sandwiches or specialty drinks.  Staff employees are permitted to apply this 10% discount. Please note that the Police discount does not apply to merchandise.

     Senior Discounts

Seniors (55 or older) are entitled to a 10% discount on one coffee, fountain drink or steeped tea only.  The discount does not apply to food, specialty drinks or retail items.  Staff employees are permitted to apply this discount.


The company requires strict adherence to all Federal and State labor laws.  In compliance with these laws, we require a 30 minute unpaid meal break for all hourly employees working at least a six (6) hour shift.  As these breaks are unpaid, you must clock out and in for your break.  Please clear your break time with your Manager.

In the event that you need to use the restroom or get a drink during your shift, you are permitted to do so.  Keep in mind that your attendance at your work station is critical to the operation of our store and we trust that this right will not be abused.  Please notify your Manager or Supervisor if you need to leave the floor for any reason.

Smoke Free Workplace

Smoking or tobacco use is prohibited in the building or anywhere on the premises.  This includes but is not limited to, outdoor areas such as parking lots, dumpster or freezer areas and areas near entrance or exit ways.  You are permitted to smoke only in your personal vehicle or off store premises while on your meal break.  There are no smoke breaks permitted for any employees.

For the purposes of this policy “smoking” or “tobacco use”  are defined as personal use of any tobacco or nicotine product  lit or unlit.  This includes but is not limited to cigarettes, e-cigarettes or any other device intended to simulate smoking.

Drug Testing

The company reserves the right to require an employee to submit to testing for drug and/or alcohol use as a condition of continuing employment as the company deems necessary for safe and efficient operations.  Additionally, drug testing is required for any employee to complete promotion to a Management position.  An employee who refuses to submit to drug and or alcohol testing or who tests positive may be suspended from duty pending further investigation and may be subject to discipline up to and including termination.

Uniform Standards

Your uniform must be both clean and complete prior to starting your shift.  Storefront uniform consists of: pants, visor, shirt/blouse, black belt, hairnet, nametag and slip resistant black shoes.  Top buttons must be buttoned while working. 

Baker uniform requirements vary by store but will consist of:  Clean baker’s shirt and pants, Tim Hortons baseball-style hat or standard visor, hairnet and slip resistant shoes..

  • All employees are required to wear the prescribed uniform for their position
  • All shirts must be fully buttoned
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times (except for maternity shirts)
  • All visors and caps must be worn front-facing
  • A maximum of 2 service pins may be worn at one time.  They should be placed on the shirt collar
  • A store front apron may be worn in the soup and sandwich area and in the dining room for cleaning.  Apron may also be worn by production staff when in the store front.  Aprons are not considered part of the standard uniform

If you are missing a uniform button, tell your Manager immediately. The button will be replaced as soon as possible. Shoes must be slip-resistant, black with black soles. No high heels or open toes will be permitted. You will be allowed to wear a Tim Hortons uniform sweater or jacket when working. Black  turtlenecks or white T-shirts worn under your shirt are acceptable, provided that they have no writing or designs that can be seen through the uniform. If you sit in the storefront for break, or stand in line for food, please be aware that you are still in your uniform and are highly visible to customers.  Please act accordingly; our customers will judge the store by your behavior.

Anyone arriving to work without a complete, proper and clean uniform will be asked to clock out and go home to change.

Phone Rules

Store Telephone

The store phone is intended for business use only; however, we recommend that you let family members know the restaurant's phone number so that they can reach you in an emergency.  If you need to make a phone call, please ask the Manager on duty first.

  • The phone should always be answered, “Good morning/ afternoon/ evening, Tim Hortons’s, this is (your name), how may I help you?”
  • Do not provide any information over the phone regarding past, present or future employees.  These requests should be directed to the Human Resource department at our main office
  • Customers are not permitted to use the phone; however, we will make phone calls for them in emergency situations.  Customers are never allowed behind the counter.


Cell Phones

The use of a personal cell phone while at work may present a hazard or distraction to the user and or other employees.  Cell phones are not permitted on your person or accessible while you are working.  It is recommended that your phone be left with your personal belongings in your vehicle.

Personal Hygiene Standards

When working with food, a neat and clean appearance is a must.  All employees are required to maintain high standards relating to personal hygiene including regular bathing.  Proper hand washing procedures must also be followed after every different task you perform and after using the restroom.

  • Your hair must be kept neat and clean at all times. Long hair must be tied back; hair must be under your hat or visor, out of your eyes and under a hairnet.
  • Fingernails must be clean and well kept. New York State law prohibits a food service worker from wearing nail polish while handling food.  Any types of false nails are not permitted.
  • Make up and jewelry must be worn in moderation. One band-style ring per hand and one stud earring per ear are permitted. Watches and hoop earrings are not permitted while you are working. Necklaces are permitted but must be worn inside the shirt for health and safety reasons. Brow piercing must be removed or covered.
  • Male employees must arrive to work clean-shaven.  Beard nets may be provided if they are available.  If necessary, you will be asked to clock out and shave.
  • Gum chewing or consuming beverages are not permitted in view of customers
  • Hands must be kept clean at all times, particularly after returning from the restroom or using a handkerchief. You are expected to wash your hands a minimum of four times through the course of your shift. Remember that when in our washrooms, customers see you in uniform and if you don't wash your hands, they notice!
    • Exceptions and accommodations to this policy will be made for bona fide religious or medical purposes only


Food Safety

New York State law requires that persons handling or preparing food do not touch the food with their bare hands. This law applies whenever handling prepared food including filling the showcase as well as working the sandwich station. “Waxies” are used to handle donuts, muffins and other items, which are easily packaged.  Poly or latex gloves are required to handle sandwiches or bagels. You must use gloves on both hands. Do not work the sandwich station with only one glove.

Allergen Policy

We abide by Tim Hortons Allergen Policy which states for customers:  If you have a food allergy, Please be aware that Tim Horton’s products may contain or have come in contact with peanuts, nuts or other possible allergens”.  If you are ever approached by a Guest with an allergen concern, you should never attempt to give allergen information.  All employees must provide the toll free Guest Service number (1-888-601-1616) for anyone who has an allergen question or concern.  Incorrect information can have life threatening consequences for our customers.  The toll free number is posted on all allergen signage and on the back of the Nutrition Guide.

Handling Customer Complaints

When handling customer complaints listen to what the customer is saying. A statement like, “I understand your frustration", lets the customer know that you care. In all circumstances regarding problems with product, please involve a Manager or Supervisor immediately.  They will offer the customer the same product free of charge. If you are ever in doubt you can assume that the customer is correct; never let a customer go away unhappy. Use courtesy and common sense to solve a problem.

Contacting the Police

Very rarely do we have problem customers. In such cases, a Manager or Supervisor should intervene. Problem customers are to asked to leave just ONCE. If they do not leave, call the police.

Personal Belongings

Please do not bring valuables to work. The company cannot accept responsibility for your personal belongings.  We recommend that anything valuable such as your wallet or handbag be locked in your vehicle while you are working.


We hope that you find your time with Tim Hortons to be a profitable learning experience but we recognize that there may be circumstances that make it necessary to leave your job.  If you anticipate having to resign your position, please notify your Manager two weeks in advance of the last day you are available to work.


Performance Management


Employees are evaluated on an annual basis by their immediate managers.  The purpose of the evaluation is to communicate your job performance and to assess your development.  If at anytime you would like additional feedback on your performance, you can speak with your Manager.

Progressive Discipline

To be equitable in providing correction when there is a violation or problem with performance, we have a progressive discipline policy.  When a rule violation or performance failure occurs that does not warrant termination, the following steps are generally applied.

  • Verbal Warning- This will document the problem, point out specific actions for improvement and explain further disciplinary actions that are possible if the problem does not improve
  • First Written Warning- This is a written notification that a serious infraction or performance issue has occurred or that corrective action required in a previous verbal warning has not been performed.  The first written warning will specifically notify that termination may result if corrective action is not heeded.
  • Final Written Warning- This is formal notification that a serious violation or performance issue has occurred. Termination will result if the specific corrective actions outlined are not followed
  • Termination- If corrective actions outlined in prior corrections and disciplinary measures are not adhered to, the employees’ relationship with the company will be separated.  Please note that termination can occur at any time and for any reason.

You are an at-will employee which means that you or the company can terminate the employment relationship at any time and for any reason.  If you violate company policies or have serious performance issues, generally the progressive discipline policy will be applied.  Depending on the seriousness of the infraction or performance issues, you can be subject to termination at any point during your employment.  Any warnings that you received do not need to be for the same violation or performance failure.  Any violation can lead to an escalation in the progressive discipline chain.  Gross misconduct as laid out in the Conduct portion of this handbook will describe some actions that can  lead to immediate dismissal regardless of whether or not previous warnings have occurred.


Code Of Conduct

    Mutual Respect Statement

We want all employees to find their time at Tim Hortons to be rewarding.  We also aim to create a pleasant and professional work environment that all employees can enjoy.  Please conduct yourself in a mature, professional manner at all times.  We cannot tolerate horseplay, loud talking or profane and/or disrespectful language.  Only your Manager should hear your grievances and complaints.  Please do not criticize employees or customers in front of other customers.  We have a strict mutual respect policy.  Please treat others with the same respect you would like for yourself.

Unacceptable Behavior

The following is a list of examples of unacceptable behavior.  This is not an exhaustive list but provides a sampling of the types of behavior considered to be a violation of the Code of Conduct.

  • Missing or arriving late to work on a frequent basis
  • Failing to do required work duties or intentionally wasting time
  • Excessive personal calls or conducting personal business on company time

  Disciplinary action taken against misconduct will generally follow the progressive discipline policy.

  Gross Misconduct

Additionally, some actions are considered to be gross misconduct.  These behaviors are serious enough to be       considered grounds for immediate dismissal regardless of whether or not prior disciplinary actions have occurred.  The following are limited examples of gross misconduct.

  • Cursing, abusing or behaving in a threatening manner toward any person while on company property or while conducting company business
  • Falsifying any company record or providing false information to the company
  • Walking off the job
  • Any form of theft
  • Fighting or attempting to injure another person while on company property
  • Possession of a weapon while on company property or while conducting company business
  • Sexual, racial or any other form of harassment toward another employee or customer
  • Intentionally destroying or abusing company property
  • Theft or other dishonest acts while on company property or while conducting company business
  • Reporting to work under the influence or alcohol or illegal drugs or any other activity on company property involving alcohol or illegal drugs including use or possession
  • Gross insubordination or blatant refusal to follow work directions


Theft is a serious issue for any business and is considered by the company to be gross misconduct.  Stealing from the company is like stealing from yourself:  Theft losses directly affect the company’s ability to increase wages or benefits and they adversely affect the profitability of the business.  Theft of any kind (cash or food) will result in immediate dismissal. Theft includes giving out or receiving improper discounts, not charging appropriately, giving out or taking food, money or merchandise. It is the company’s policy to pursue prosecution whenever there are grounds to do so. Please be aware that every store has a video surveillance system for your safety and our security. Our most frequent cause of employee dismissal is employees giving out food to friends or other employees not working at the time. The usual value of the food involved is less than $5.00 and frequently less than $1.00. DON'T RISK BEING FIRED FOR THEFT! Keep in mind that when one employee gives out food to or improperly discounts the purchase for another employee, both are disciplined and both may be terminated.

Miscellaneous Rules

  • If you are a minor, you must not under any circumstances clock in early or clock out late for your shifts
  • Do not consume any food or chew gum while you are on the clock
  • The use of personal electronic devices is prohibited while you are working.  If you bring one to work, please store it with your personal belongings.  These devices include, cell phones, pagers, music and media players, laptops, gaming devices, tablets, e-readers and personal digital assistants
  • All customers must pay when served.  Not abiding by this rule constitutes theft on the part of the employee and will be handled accordingly
  • Please do not have a third party contact the company on your behalf for any reason.


Your Safety

It is our goal to provide you with a safe and healthy work environment.  Everyone in the workplace has a responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others in their work area.  You can contribute by following all safety and security rules set forth by your manager.  If you see an unsafe condition or practice, please bring it to the attention of your manager or the Human Resource Department.  We always encourage safety suggestions which can be made to your Manager or the Human Resource department.

Injuries and Illnesses

While we strive to provide an injury free workplace, we recognize that injuries may occur.  If you are injured at work, get first aid immediately if necessary.  Please also notify your Manager or Supervisor as soon as possible.  It is important that Management be notified to provide help, investigate any unsafe condition and fulfill reporting responsibilities.


Company Technology Policies


Voicemail, email and internet usage assigned to an employees computer or telephone extension are solely for the purpose of conducting company business.  Some job responsibilities within the company require access to the internet and the use of software.  Only employees that are appropriately authorized for company purposes may use the internet or access additional software.

Internet use on company time is authorized to conduct company business only.  Internet usage can cause breaches to the security of confidential company information.  It also creates the possibility of contamination to our system via viruses or spyware.  Spyware allows unauthorized parties potential access to company passwords and other confidential information.

To help you do your job, the company may give you access to computers, computer files, the email system and software.  You should not use a password, access a file or retrieve any stored communication without authorization.  To ensure compliance with this policy, the company may monitor computer and email usage.  You have no expectation of privacy when using company computers or email.

To ensure the use of work time appropriately, the company asks staff members to minimize internet usage.  Additionally, under no circumstances may company computers be used to obtain, view or reach any pornographic, gambling or otherwise immoral, unethical or non-business related internet sites.  Violation of this policy can lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Email Policy

Email should be used for company business only.  Company confidential information must not be shared outside the company without authorization at any time.  Your are also not to conduct personal business using the company computer or email.  Please consider this also as you contemplate forwarding non-business related emails to associates, family or friends.  Non-business emails waste company time and attention.  Viewing pornography, or sending pornographic jokes or stories via email is considered sexual harassment and will be addressed according to our harassment policy.

Emails that discriminate against employees by virtue of any protected classification including race, gender, nationality or religion will be dealt with according to the harassment policy.  These emails are prohibited and sending or forwarding non-business related emails will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Privacy Statement

The Company owns any communication sent via email or that is stored on company equipment. Management and other authorized staff have the right to access any material in your email or on your computer at any time. Please do not consider your electronic communication, storage or access to be private if it is created or stored at work.


Workplace Harassment Policy

Our Harassment Policy

The company prohibits the unlawful harassment of employees by a co-worker, supervisor, manager, customer, contractor or supplier.  Forms of unlawful harassment that are included in this policy are inappropriate comments or conduct related to a person’s race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, national origin, age, disability or any other personal characteristic protected by law.  All employees are expected to act in a respectful, courteous and professional manner at all times and not engage in or condone harassment.

Sexual harassment is a specific type of prohibited harassing behavior.  While difficult to define, it may include unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature such as uninvited touching or sexual comments.  Harassment also can take other forms such as words, signs, jokes, teasing, cartoons, emails, statements, writings, intimidation, phone calls, asking for dates, comments about a person’s appearance, spreading rumors, physical assaults or violence.  This type of harassment may also include statements or behaviors that are not directed toward a particular person but that are witnessed or heard by third parties.  It is important to state that the determination of whether or not a harassing act has occurred is based on the perception of those who have witnessed or been subjected to the act(s).  What you believe is a harmless joke may be greatly offensive to someone else and it will be the offended party’s opinion and not yours that will be weighted in determining whether or not harassment has occurred.

It is important to remember that this policy prohibits harassment based on any protected characteristic and not just sex.  Thus comments, jokes, slurs, epithets, pictures or graffiti about race, age or disability, to name just a few, are also prohibited.  Conduct of this nature has no place in our working environment.  Often people use the word “harassment” to describe conduct far beyond the scope of this policy, things such as personality conflicts, disagreements, performance counseling and evaluations, etc.  The term “harassment” has a particular legal significance; it is not intended to describe all workplace conflicts or disagreements.  If you are not sure whether a situation involves harassment prohibited by this policy, please speak with your Manager or the Human Resource manager.

Conduct that is deemed to be harassment will not be tolerated inside the workplace, outside the workplace, via text messages or on the internet.  The ‘internet’ includes email or blogs and sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  You are responsible to speak up when you see or hear about incidents of harassment involving your workplace.  Follow the steps outlined below if you feel you have been a victim of, or have witnessed harassment.

All company employees are advised that failure to abide by this Workplace Harassment Policy will be taken very seriously and will result in disciplinary actions up to and including termination.


What To Do If You Feel You Have Been the Victim of or Witness Harassment

  • Immediately talk to your Manager  and/or the Human Resource Manager
  • You are encouraged to tell the person(s) involved that you are uncomfortable with what is being done or said and ask them to stop.  This is not necessary if you feel uncomfortable dealing with the situation directly.  If that is the case, please discuss with your Manager or the Human Resource manager.
  • Keep a written record of dates, times, what happened, who was involved and any witnesses to the incident(s).  This will assist in the investigative process.

You should promptly report any conduct that you believe violates this policy.  The company’s ability to respond effectively is strongest when it learns about conduct believed to violate this policy in a timely manner, before working relationships are irreparably damaged.  Team members who make a good faith report of harassment under this policy will not be retaliated against.  Employees who believe retaliation has occurred should report it using the process in this policy.  Any employee found to have retaliated against another employee for having reported harassment prohibited by this policy, may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.  Employees found to have abused this policy by making false accusations may also be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

The Complaint Resolution Process

Complaints will be thoroughly investigated by your Manager, District Supervisor, the Human Resource Manager and Store owner and will be followed up in a professional and timely manner.  Confidentiality during the complaint resolution process will be maintained to the extent possible given the circumstances.  Talk to your Manager or the Human Resource Manager for more information.


Miranda Holdings FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) - Policy


Employees who have worked for the Company for at least twelve (12) months and at least 1,250 hours during the prior twelve (12) months may take up to twelve (12) weeks of unpaid FMLA leave for the following reasons:


  • Birth and/or care of their child;
  • Placement of a child into their immediate family by adoption or by a foster care arrangement;
  • Care of a spouse, child or parent who has a serious health condition; or
  • Inability of the employee to perform the functions of their position due to a serious personal health condition.
  • A qualifying situation due to the military deployment to active duty of a spouse, child or parent  in support of a contingency operation (a contingency operation is an action or operation against an opposing force); or
  • Care of an employee’s  spouse, child, parent or next of kin (nearest blood relative) who has incurred an injury or illness in the line of duty in the Armed Forces, provided that the injury or illness renders them medically unfit to perform duties of his/her office, grade, rank or rating.  If this qualification is met, the employee is entitled to up to 26 weeks of unpaid leave during a single 12 month period.

The 12-month period is defined by Miranda Holdings as a rolling 12-month period measured backward from the date a team member uses any leave covered under the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act.  Leave for a newborn child, adopted or foster care placement of a child must be taken within twelve (12) months after the qualifying event occurs and must be taken all at one time.  Leave for a serious health condition may be taken intermittently or on a reduced time basis, but only if this is required for medical reasons.


The employee is expected to provide at least 30 days advance notice of the leave when possible.  If notice is not given and a reasonable excuse is not provided, leave may be denied until the 30 day notice period has expired.  If the leave is for planned medical treatment and will be taken on an intermittent basis or by a reduced schedule, the employee is expected to schedule the treatment so as to create minimum disruption to the work place.  For unforeseeable leaves that meet FMLA eligibility, employees will be notified by Human Resources that their leave is designated under FMLA and they will be provided with the necessary forms.


All paid time off such as vacation or personal days must be exhausted before the unpaid leave begins.  These periods of paid time will be counted towards the employee’s maximum number of weeks allowable under the Family and Medical Leave Policy. Spouses employed by Miranda Holdings Inc. are jointly entitled to a combined total of 12 weeks of family leave for the birth or placement of a child. 


A "serious health condition" is defined as a health condition that involves inpatient care in a hospital, hospice, or residential medical care facility or continuing treatment by a health care provider.  If inpatient care is not required, a serious health condition must involve continuing treatment or supervision by a health care provider where:  (1) the condition requires an absence of more than three days from work, school or other regular daily activities, or (2) the condition is incurable or so serious that, if not treated, would likely result in a period of inactivity of more than three days, or (3) the treatment of prenatal care. By way of example, a "serious health condition" might include treatments for chemotherapy, radiation or dialysis, etc.  A "serious health condition" would not include voluntary or cosmetic treatment that is done on an outpatient basis and that is not medically necessary or routine preventative physical exams.


Certification from a health care provider concerning serious health conditions or certification that an employee must care for a family member, is required.  Updated medical certification will be required upon request.



An employee is not eligible to receive holiday pay during a family and medical leave of absence. As noted previously, any unused earned paid time off must be exhausted before the unpaid leave begins.

When leave is completed the employee will be reinstated to a position with the same job description and within a geographically proximate work location where they had previously been employed.  The employee must contact their store manager and/or the Human Resource manager prior to their return and as soon as a return date is known.  Two (2) weeks notification is preferred for scheduling purposes.


Failure to return to work on the first regularly scheduled workday following the expiration of the leave will be considered an unapproved absence and may result in termination of employment.





















Effective date March 10, 2015

This handbook is a guide to our Company policies and benefits, and also includes other general information that will assist you during your employment with Miranda Holdings Inc.:  however, neither this handbook nor any other verbal communication or practice constitutes an employee contract.

I understand that our Company has the right at anytime and from time to time, without prior notice, to modify or discontinue in whole or in part any employee benefit plan, to make the same wholly or partly contributory or discontinue without prior notice, in whole or in part the employee benefit package.

I understand that no employee or representative of our Company, other than the Owners, has any authority to enter into an employment contract or to change the at-will employment relationship, or to make any agreement contrary to the foregoing.  No oral statements, promises or contracts regarding the terms and conditions of your employment are valid.

I acknowledge receipt of this “Employee Handbook”, and understand that my continued employment constitutes acceptance of any changes that may be made in content or application of the Handbook.  I further acknowledge that I have read the Handbook and understand its contents.  In the event I should have any questions I will discuss them with my Supervisor or any other individual in a management position.

This Employee Handbook supercedes any prior Handbook(s)


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